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Property-Powered Rail® Serving Canada’s National Capital Region

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Moose rail® 2017

Metropolitan-scale passenger rail service connecting the Ontario and Québec halves of the Greater National Capital Region – moving people affordably.

What could be better than dependable, affordable rail service in time to celebrate the Nation’s Sesquicentennial in 2017? One hundred and fifty years prior, Canada itself was established on the backbone of a transcontinental rail system.

Mobility Ottawa-Outaouais: Systems & Enterprises, or "Moose" for short. Is this the most significant and sustainable infrastructure project being pursued anywhere in the country for Canada's 150th Anniversary?

As a consortium, several leading private-sector businesses are working together to fast-track this affordable transportation system, utilizing existing railway infrastructure. What could be more fiscally responsible than achieving this without going to the public purse?

Companies of the Moose Consortium have developed a world-class metropolitan-scale business system called the Property-Powered Rail® Open Market Development Model. Development and operation of this railway service depends solely on private-sector financing, without dependence on taxpayers subsidies. Furthermore, our approach drives passenger fares way down, not way up! It's a business model that makes overwhelming economic, environmental, safety and lifestyle sense. Read about it here.

In short, Moose rail® will serve the entire Greater National Capital Region as a truly affordable people-mover, relieving the stress of daily commutes, and providing easy access for day trippers, tourists and everybody else. Stretching between 50 km and 100 km in each direction, Moose rail will link with dozens of already established transportation services and networks, both public and private. It will synergize with cyclists. It will accommodate members of our community with specialized needs.

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If you believe that getting in on the ground floor of this innovative business opportunity is for you, there are many ways to participate in, or to collaborate with, the Moose Consortium. Contact us today for additional information. If you see the benefits in transforming your area into one of the "Linked Localities", send us a note to discuss arrangements for a consultation event.

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